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asphalt repair / crack fill

Nothing can be ruin the look of your parking lot, driveway or paved surface than unsightly cracks. But more importantly the strength of your pavement is the most concerning to aspect of cracked pavement. If repaired in time it can save. Cracks can also substantially reduce the strength of your pavement leading to dangerous structural issues and expensive repairs in the future. These cracks allow water to penetrate and seep into the base layers under the pavement where they can create potholes or completely destroy the concrete and/or asphalt foundation. M.E.S. specializes in repairing these harmful cracks to prevent further damage to your foundation.

Our process

  • Our highly qualified specialist assess if your damaged cracks can be properly sealed.
  • We will then clear the crack of debris and vegetation.
  • Lastly we will fill all cracks with a rubberized compound.
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Crack fill benefits

    • Effectively seal the crack and protect it from further water intrustion
  • Since it is crackfill is elastic it can expand and contact with the pavement as the weather changes.
  • Provide an affordable short term solution.
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Commercial Repair

  • Provide onsite estimates which can be faxed or emailed to local or corporate offices.
  • The ability to work around traffic patterns to minimize impact on retail tenants.
  • Provide safety cones and equipment to ensure conditions are conducive with local ordinances.

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  • Proven temporary solution.
  • Peace of mind in knowing further damage will be prevented.
  • Allows financial flexibility until long term budget solutions can be obtained.
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